Reference to standard: STCW 1978 as amended. Code A-VI/2-1. IMO Model course 1.23.

NB! It is a combined on-line home-learning and practical training course consisting of online independent home-based learning in the Viking Safety Academy learning environment, an online lecture in the Zoom environment and hands-on learning at the Reval Training Center. Practical training takes place when the emergency situation is over or instructions are given from the authorities. After registering for the course, we will email you with instructions for logging in to the learning and lecture environment. Information about Practical Learning Days will be emailed to you ASAP. You will receive a certificate of completion of the training once the practical training day has been successfully completed.

This course covers training in the mandatory minimum requirements for the issue of certificates of proficiency in liferafts as specified by Estonian Maritime Administration and STCW Code. Course participants will be competent to operate life-saving appliances and take charge of a liferaft during or after launch. They will also be able to manage survivors and liferaft after abandoning ship. Participants will know the correct use of all locating devices, including communication and signalling apparatus and pyrotechnics, how to apply first aid to survivors and the actions to take to preserve the lives of those in charge.Content: Introduction; safety and abandon ship

• Liferafts • Launching arrangements

• Evacuation and recovery of liferaft

• Actions to take when clear of the ship

• Liferaft accessories

•  Handling of liferaft in rough water

• Actions to take when aboard a liferaft

• Methods of helicopter rescue

• Radio equipment

Approval: Course is approved by Estonian Maritime Administration

Accommodation: if you require so, we shall arrange hotel for you. The hotel is high quality 3 star SPA hotel. Hotel fee is 45 EUR per night single room, breakfast included. Transfer to training centre and back to hotel is complimentary.   

Instruktorid/Instructors/Инструкторы: Enn Kõrven; Ragnar Klaamas; Aivo Palm; Kristjan Sein; Andry Parma