Название курса: Basic training for on LNG-Fuelled Ships (IGF basic training)

Reference to standard: STCW 1978 as amended. STCW Code A-V/3-1

This course is arranged as per STCW Table A-V/3-1 Specification of minimum standard of competence in basic training for ships subject to the IGF Code (LNG - fuelled enginge installations in ships) and provides LNG related basic training training for ratings, deck officers and engineer officers. 

Objectives: The following competences shall be covered on basic level:

Contribute to the safe operation of a ship subject to the IGF Code

Take precautions to prevent hazards on a ship subject to the IGF Code

Apply occupational health and safety precautions and measures

Carry out fire-fighting operations on a ship subject to the IGF Code

Respond to emergencies

Take precautions to prevent pollution of the environment from the release of fuels found on ships subject to the IGF Code

Duration of combined basic and advanced course is 5 days.

Accommodation: if you require so, we shall arrange hotel for you. The hotel is high quality 3 star SPA hotel. Hotel fee is 45 EUR per night single room, breakfast included. Transfer to training centre and back to hotel is complimentary.   

Approval:Course is approved by Estonian Maritime Administration