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Do you often travel to Finland or Sweden? Do you feel on the ship a bit uncertain during a stormy night? Do you often spend time at sea? Want new experiences? As a company manager, would you like to bring your team up to a new level? Want a new experience for your employees? Paintball and Escape Room do not offer tension ? Would you like to have some practical benefits from entertainment? We have something to offer you ...

The sea survival course is an interesting and useful combination of safety education and unforgettable experience. This is a highly effective teamwork course. The self-esteem course is designed for groups so that participants learn useful skills and acquire knowledge how to escape form ship, survive in the water, save themselves and others. Perhaps the course helps to get rid of fears. It certainly develops teamwork through a game in which you have to save yourself and others in a very realistic simulation on a ship being abandoned, while in the water, and being salvaged. Participants will acquire, within about 4 hours, theoretical knowledge and practical skills of ship evacuation systems, learning to use life-rafts, experience evacuation with a helicopter and using personal and collective life-saving equipment. The course takes place in a specially designed and built pool and with experienced instructors.

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