Standard: COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 290/2012 of 30 March 2012

This course is tailor-made one-day safety course for aircraft flight and cabin crews. In this survival training course, the cabin crew learns the principles of survival in hostile environments (sea) and water survival training which shall include the actual donning and use of personal flotation equipment in water and the use of slide-rafts or similar equipment, as well as actual practice in water. 

Applicants for a cabin crew attestation shall complete an initial training course to familiarize themselves with the aviation environment and to acquire sufficient general knowledge and basic proficiency required to perform the duties and discharge the responsibilities related to the safety of passengers and flight during normal, abnormal and emergency operations. 

The program of the initial training course shall cover at least the elements specified in EU Regulations. It includes theoretical and practical training. For more realistic training conditions various weather and sea conditions, day and night conditions as well disturbing sound and light effects can be introduced. The training can be adjusted both to military and civil organizations. Aircraft module can be adjusted for fixed wing aircraft options as well seat setups depending on the type of aircraft. Special aviation training suits and aviation training lifejackets with compressed air emergency breathing systems are available. Availability of breathing air compressor for customers supplied compressed air breathing systems. Lunch is available at the site.

Course duration 3 hours.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Instruktorid/Instructors/Инструкторы: Ivari Sarapuu; Raivo Männik 

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