Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD)

Advanced Open Water Diver kursus (AOWD)



The course is designed to develop your own diving skills and build your expertise in diving. The course will consist of 5 different types of diving, which will provide a great opportunity to experience a great adventure in diving in different parts of the world. Special subjects you shall learn are are:

Underwater Navigation - Learn to navigate underwater using a compass and a variety of natural reference guides.

Deep diving - diving to a depth of 18-30 m to prepare you for future deep water diving possibilities.

Night Diving - During the night, you can enjoy a lot more fish and other aquatic life than at day time. Night dives are done after sunset, using underwater lights for illumination.

Peak Performance Buoyancy - Mastering your buoyancy by using your  BCD and lungs in open water conditions.

Wreck diving - Estonia is very rich in its shipwrecks and it is definitely very interesting to explore and enjoy their history underwater. You shall learn how to behave in wreck diving, how to find and enjoy wrecks, their sights and how to keep yourself safe, avoiding potential dangers.

There are knowledge development sessions, knowledge reviews and practical exercises.

The course is conducted in cooperation with PADI 5Star IDC Diving Center Oxygene Tallinn (No. 5254), PADI Course Director, Kert Meidra (No CD-76662).

Prerequisites: at least 12 years old, PADI (Junior) OWD or other appropriate level of certification.

Price: € 250.00 + diving equipment rental

We have no scheduled course available now. If you like to take the course please register without the date (Push button “Choose date here & submit booking request”). We shall contact you very soon and propose you course dates. You can also send us e-mail or call +3726536572.