Course/event Title: OPITO approved Further Offshore Emergency Training (with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System)

Reference to standard: OPITO training standard 5850


Certificate Extensions
OPITO has implemented an extension process to certifications where refresher training cannot be undertaken due to the COVID-19 outbreak. There are separate processes for Employers and Delegates (Self Sponsors) and there is no charge for this service. You can find more details on OPITO website here.


The aim of the FOET (with CA-EBS) is to provide the delegates with the opportunity to practise and demonstrate emergency response skills which are not possible to practise during drills, exercises and emergency training offshore. The FOET training is a refresher training of BOSIET training. The FOET (with CA-EBS) training is mandatory in UK and NL regions as well globally other regions where CA-EBS are in use.

FOET Certificate validity: 4 years - 1 day

Important: There are physical and mental aspects of this training including training in a water, enclosed spaces, as well activities with fire.

Delegate pre-requisites: The FOET (with CA-EBS) is open to persons who have a valid (in-date) OPITO-approved BOSIET (with CA-EBS), BOSIET(with EBS), TBOSIET, FOET (with CA-EBS), FOET(with EBS) or TFOET certificate or NOGEPA 0.5A or NOGEPA 0.5B certificate.

If the certificate is not valid, the dispensation requests to be presented. The dispensation is accepted only if a person has already completed at least one refresher (FOET) course.

Health: The course may involve a degree of physical and mental stress. Therefore delegates will be required to complete a Medical Screening Form prior to the commencement of the course. The delegate should be in possession of a valid Offshore Medical Certificate or ENG1 Medical Fitness Certificate (if delegate health is in doubt) as well Fit To Train Certificate issued by OGUK approved doctor. If you do not hold the Medical Certificate or Fit to Train Certificate we suggests to arrive day eralier and take the certification with OGUK approved doctor. Please contact us if you want us to suggest you doctors contacts.

Course fee excludes: OPITO registration fee (30 EUR) and VAT (if applicable).

Important: VAT 20% is always payable if training fee is paid by private person. In case training fee will be paid by EU company with VAT number, the VAT 0% will be applied (reverse charge).  

Certificate validity: 4 years, certificate is valid for regions where compressed air emergency breathing systems are in use (i.e. Norh-Sea UK, NL, DE, DK ore other regions globally). 

Accommodation: if you require so, we shall arrange hotel for you. The hotel is high quality 3 star SPA hotel. Hotel fee is 45 EUR per night single room, breakfast included (1 night in hotel is complimentary).Transfer to training centre and back to hotel is complimentary.   

Courses fee include: 1 night complimentary hotel (single room), breakfast in hotel, transfer from the hotel to the training centre, lunch in the training centre, coffee/tea and course material.

Visa: if you are not EU citizen please see Estonian Visa requirements here: http://vm.ee/en/who-does-not-need-visa-visit-estonia

​​​​​​​Instruktorid/Instructors/Инструкторы: Ragnar Klaamas; Raivo Männik; Ivari Sarapuu