Reference to standard: SOLAS Chapter III, regulation 19

Every year many seafarers are injured or killed during work in enclosed spaces. 

Despite the fact that just about everyone seems to be aware of the hazard, accidents with fatality and serious injury continues to happen. 

This Enclosed Space Entry onboard course is made to provide knowledge and awareness of the hazards and dangers in conjunction with enclosed space entry. 

It will also be helpful to those who plan and execute all mandatory enclosed space entry and rescue drills on-board the vessel.

Course content: Overview and definitions; Precautions; Competent person, responsible officer; Identifying potential hazards; Preparing and securing for entry; Testing the atmosphere; Planning and use of control systems; Procedures and arrangements before entry; Procedures and arrangements during entry; Procedures and arrangements after exit; Unsafe or suspect atmospheres; Education and training B.A. and resuscitation equipment; Maintenance of entry equipment; Introduction to gas measurement;Entry into enclosed spaces; Gas detection and measuring instruments; Measuring the oxygen content; Hydrocarbon gases and other combustible gases; Measuring the content of other gases; Multiple gas detectors and personal monitors.

The online study at home or at Reval training center. In the morning of the day indicated in the schedule, we will send you e-mail instructions for logging in to the virtual learning environment.

Instruktorid/Instructors/Инструкторы: Ragnar Klaamas; Arno Lemmik; Raivo Männik.

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