Kursuse/ürituse nimetus: GOC Ülemaailmse merehädaabi sidesüsteemi sideoperaatori täiendkursus

Standard: STCW1978, koos muudatustega ja sätetega. VV määrus Laevapere liikmete koolitus- ja kvalifikatsiooninõuded ning diplomeerimise kord, 20.06.2013 nr 96

Approved training course consisting of digital delivery and assessment. Please select the assessment day that suits you and fill in the registration form. After registration, you shall receive by email course booking confirmation and instructions on how to login to the learning environment. Online learning must be successfully completed before assessment.

The training intended for those deck officers, which are holder of the GOC and which like to refresh their skills of GMDSS-regulations and the use of GMDSS-equipment or to prepare for simplified examination for prolongation of certificate. 

Course language: English, Estonian, Russian