Kursuse/ürituse nimetus: Kiirvalvepaadi meeskonna õppekursus. Kiirvalvepaadi vanem.

Standard: STCW1978 koos muudatustega ja sätetega. A-VI/2 & A-VI/2-2 IMO Mudelkursus 1.24.

This course provides training in fast rescue boats (FRB) and is based on the provisions of chapter A-VI/2 table A-VI/2-2 of the STCW Code. Course content in accordance to the Model course 1.24. 

This course covers training in the mandatory minimum requirements for the issue of certificates of proficiency in fast rescue boar. as specified in STCW Code. Course participants will be competent to operate fast rescue boat during or after launch. 

They will also be able to operate a fast rescue boat engine and manage survivors and fast rescue boat after abandoning ship. Participants will know the correct use of all locating devices, including communication and signalling apparatus and pyrotechnics, how to apply first aid to survivors and the actions to take to preserve the lives of those in charge.

Content:  Knowledge, understanding and proficiency in accordance with IMO Model Course 1.24

Approval: Course is approved by Estonian Transport Agency

On completion of training certificate of training will be issued. For certificate of proficiency an application must be made to the Transport Agency bureau on Heli street 6, Tallinn or though Seafarers Information System.

Course language: English, Estonian, Russian

Instruktorid/Instructors/Инструкторы: Ragnar Klaamas; Aivo Palm; Kristjan Sein