Reference to standard: IMO ISPS Code and MSC/Circ.1154. IMO Model course 3.20.

This course has been based on MSC/Circ.1154, 'Guidelines on training and certification for Company Security Officers', and aims to provide knowledge to those who may be designated to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Company Security Officer (CSO), as defined in paragraph 2.1.7 (and paragraph11) of the ISPS Code, Part A, and in particular the duties and responsibilities with respect to the security of a ship, for ensuring the development (or for developing) of a ship security assessment, for ensuring the development (or for developing), implementation, maintenance and updating of a ship security plan and for liaising with Ship Security Officers (SSOs) and with Port Facility Security Officers (PFSOs). 

This training course was designed according to the requirements of SOLAS XI-2 and prepares future CSOs to actively and successfully fulfill their duties according to the ISPS Code. Short input presentations demonstrate ISPS Code requirements and encourage discussions. In addition the participants are able to obtain assistance for the implementation of the ISPS Code in every shipping company – another measure to ensure worldwide maritime security.  

Content: Basic legislature, international and national; Types of Threats – Counter-measures – Function of the crew; Safety equipment & security measures for the different security levels; Significance of the Ship Security Assessment (SSA) and the Ship Security Plan (SSP) as well as inspection tasks for evaluation; Implementation of SSA and SSPs incl. audit requirement; Delegation of tasks to the SSOs and ensuring competence; Coordination of SSOs and cooperation with the ships; Communication between CSO – SSO – PFSO incl. Declaration of Security; Collaboration with contracting governments and designated authorities, incl. knowledge about interfaces with the port facilities and companies 

The combined study course consists of online study at home or at Reval training center and passing a written test at Reval training centre. In the morning of the day indicated in the schedule, we will send you e-mail instructions for logging in to the virtual learning environment. You may take you digital study at home or at Reval Training Centre, but for written test you have to arrive to Reval training centre.

Accommodation: if you require so, we shall arrange hotel for you.Transfer to training centre and back to hotel is complimentary.   

Instruktorid/Instructors/Инструкторы: Urmas Piir


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