Reference to standard: STCW 1978 as amended. STCW Code A-V/3-2

Objectives: This course is arranged as per STCW A-V/3-2 Specification of minimum standard of competence of advanced training for ships subject to the IGF Code and provides advanced training training for ratings, deck officers and engineer officers. 

This course is specifically aimed at Advanced IGF trainees and focuses on ensuring safe and efficient bunkering operations on an LNG fueled vessel. The training replaces two of the three bunkering operations required to obtain an endorsement of the Advanced IGF training certificate (Certificate of Proficiency). 

Third bunkering (live bunkering) required for obtaining of STCW A-V/3-2 certificate is available, subject of separate agreement.

LNG Bunkering & Fuel Gas Handling simulator is used for simulator training.

The following competences shall be covered on advanced level:

Familiarity with physical and chemical properties of fuels aboard ships subject to the IGF CodeFamiliarity with physical and chemical properties of fuels aboard ships subject to the IGF Code

Operate controls of fuel related to propulsion plant and engineering systems and services and safety devices on ships subject to the IGF Code

Ability to safely perform and monitor all operations related to the fuels used on board ships subject to the IGF Code

Plan and monitor safe bunkering, stowage and securing of the fuel on board ships subject to the IGF Code

Take precautions to prevent pollution of the environment from the release of fuels from ships subject to the IGF Code

Monitor and control compliance with legislative requirements

Take precautions to prevent hazards

Apply occupational health and safety precautions and measures on board a ship subject to the IGF Code

Knowledge of the prevention, control and fire fighting and extinguishing systems on board ships subject to the IGF Code

Simulator: UNIEST Low Speed Engine Room W-Xpert RT-flex50DF and Diesel Electric Dual Fuel LNG DE3D Engine Room Simulator. Bunkering Shore to Ship, Truck to Ship and Ship to Ship. 

IMPORTANT: those successfully complete the training course shall be awarded CERTIFICATE of ADVANCED TRAINING ON SHIPS SUBJECT TO THE IGF CODE including two simulated bunkering on approved simulator as part of the training. In order to obtain CERTIFICATE of PROFICIENCY ON ADVANCEL LEVEL FOR WORKING ON SHIPS SUBJECT TO THE IGF CODE at least one month of approved seagoing service including at least one bunkering operations on board ships subject to the IGF Code shall follow the the training course. For that purpose we shall provide appropriate form of Certificate of Seagoing Service. Further instructions for obtaining of CERTIFICATE of PROFICIENCY shall be providede during the training course.

Duration of combined basic and advanced course is 5 days.

Accommodation: if you require so, we shall arrange hotel for you.Transfer to training centre and back to hotel is complimentary.   

Approval: Course is approved by Estonian Transport Agency

Course language: English, Estonian, Russian

Instruktorid/Instructors/Инструкторы: Arno Lemmik; Andrei Beloglazov

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