Course/event Title: RADAR NAVIGATION, RADAR PLOTTING AND USE OF ARPA – Operational level

Reference to standard: STCW 1978 as amended. Code A-II/1, A-I/12, B-I/12. IMO Model course 1.07.

This course provides training in the basic theory and use STCW 2010 Code A-II/1, A-I/12, B-I/12.of radar for those who will be in charge of a navigational watch. It is based on the provisions of section A-I/12 of the STCW Code, and those who successfully complete it will have fulfilled the mandatory minimum training requirements.

Course content in accordance to the Model course 1.07 and STCW 2010 Code A-II/1, A-I/12, B-I/12. 

The course is essentially practical and consists of a series of exercises performed on a radar simulator with two ore more own-ships and a number of others controlled by the instructor. Each exercise will involve observing the movement of ships seen on the RADAR, recognizing those presenting a threat of collision and taking action to avoid collisions. Trainees will act either as master or as an observing officer for the exercises, and will change roles to allow each to turn in command of the ship. 

Objectives: efficient operation of radar as a navigational aid

• navigation in congested, confined waters

• recognition of potential threats

• ensure valid navigational decisions based on sound radar observation and plotting in compliance with COLREG

• navigation in poor visibility

• plan, organize and manage a bridge team 

Course is approved by Estonian Transport Agency

On successful completion of the course and assessments, a document will be issued certifying that the holder has successfully completed a course of training which meets or exceeds the level of knowledge and competence specified in table A-II/1 of STCW 2010.

The training course consists of digital delivery following practical training (and paper test) at Reval Training centre.

Instructions for logging in to the online training will be sent to you by e-mail on the morning of the first training day from 09.00 to 10.00. 

Course language: English, Estonian, Russian

Instruktorid/Instructors/Инструкторы: Arti Kalvik